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With the life improving people are taking more and more attention on the health and environment. Like the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe which has a great impact on our health. Obviously, we have a concern that our survival depends on the availability of clean air and water, and the OCIC series air/water purifiers will just satisfy you by reducing many pollutants, bacterias and virus etc.

OEM Collecting Industrial Co., Limited is devoted to enhancing your life by providing with many environmental and healthy products, ranging from Air Purifiers (applied with Ozone, Ion, Active Carbon, UV and Photocatalyst), Ozone Water Purifiers, Anion Generators, Ozone Generators, Ozone Venturi Injectors, Air/Water Pumps, and Ion/Ozone Counters to other related consumer electronics with best quality and much more competitive prices.

We are not only an supplier/exporter, with years of experience we have been always working to meet the customers' unique OEM/ODM requirements by our strong R&D teams and high efficiency manufactories.


Based on more than 15 years experience in the field of ozone and environmental protection, we're now dedicated to provide the service on the customized models according to the customers' requirements!!!