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    Ceramic Ozone Generator Major Characteristics:

    (1) High Efficiency: 800-1000g/m2, 4-5 times more than the common ozone generators

    (2) Low Output: High frequency corona discharge, the consume rate of 8-10KW.h/kg O3

    (3) Small Sizes: Save your space, the cubage is 1/4 to 1/3 than common ozone generators as the same output

    (4) Very Long Life, Non-Coorode, Non-Oxygenization, High Temp. Resistance:

         Imported material to be sintered into the high purified ceramic, 316 stainless inner electrode and tighten firmware,

        polytetrafluorethylene/Teflon, high purified silicon rubber material, all the pipes equipped with radiator slice, long life

    (5) No Break: The pipe with the working voltage of 10% of the Breaking voltage,high non-conductivity rate, low power

    (6) Effective Cooling Systems: There is air and water cooling systems, low degradation rate at continuous working

    (7) Good Voltage Flexibility: 50V to generate ozone and 200V to get the efficiency, convenient to adjust ozone levels

    (8) Save Oxygen Source: High ozone density/output and save the oxygen cost