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Model: SY-G009L
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    Item: Ozone Gynaecological Sterilizer

    Model: SY-G009L

    Input: AC120/220V, 50/60Hz

    N-Ion Density: 2x106 pcs/cm3

    Ozone Output: 500mg/h

    Sizes: 145x100x45mm

    Power: 10W

    Sucker Style: ф45×18mm

    Silica Gel Curing Stick: ф12/ф13×155mm


    1, Cervical erosion, vulvitis, appendagitis

    2, colpitis, cervicitis and etc.;

    3,  man acute skin-deep, canker rankle

    4, candidiasis, trichomoniasis

    5, balanitis (balanoposthitis)...

    (New accessories as left picture)

    Instructions and Attentions:  

    This unit is made with a microcomputer timer control system, when connecting the power there display “OO”; press the “+” one time there will be 5 minutes working and the max time is 60 minutes; press the “-” one time there will be less one minute; after setting your timer press the “ON/OFF” it starts to work, then the numeral display will read the countdown; If you want it stop just press again the “ON/OFF”.

    Put the silica gel sticker into water before you use, then press to let it work; the ozone gas will be changed into ozonated water, so the sticker will be sterilized.

    Make the user lie down on the bed with the head against the ceiling, connect the pipe with the sticker, set the timer then press to work; there will be fish flavor normally. Hand with the sticker to insert the vagina; then make it shake for but not violently then the ozone will disinfect enough. The best time for one is 10 minutes round.

    After working you should put the sticker into the water again, then press to sterilize for the sake of next time use.

    Sucker style can be used for beauty, skin, wound and the other outer disinfection.

    The ozone generated from the unit is just for one time use, because the ozone has only 5-20 minutes life; there is no any second pollution or side-effect.

    There is high voltage when it works, so pls do remember not to open it in order to prevent any risk.